Hands-On Server-Rendered React Application with Next.js [Video]

Hands-On Server-Rendered React Application with Next.js

Hands-On Server-Rendered React Application with Next.js [Video]

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Hands-On Server-Rendered React Application with Next.js [Video]: Master Next.js (Next 7), React (React 16+), and Node. Learn how to build isomorphic websites

This course will help you build a server-side, rendered React application with Next.js. Using a real-world example, this is a practical course.

You will begin by swiftly understanding Next.js and how it works. You will then create a server-rendered application in React to cater for a real-world scenario. This example will solve a major, frequent pain-point. While building the application, you will cover some important features provided by Next.js, to help you focus on development and make your work easier. You will cover some core Next.js concepts, understanding its full potential and why it has gained popularity. You will also cover the advantages of bringing SSR i.e. server-side rendering to your application.

  • Master Next.js fundamentals by building a static application
  • Master universal server-side rendering in a matter of minutes!
  • From custom error pages to SCSS imports, use a workflow that works for you
  • Fetch data from databases, master gotchas, and clean URLs
  • Learn how to fine-tune what code you run and understand your bundles
  • Strategies for both Node servers and static CDN-hosted services such as Netlify
  • Learn strategies to keep users signed in and protected content safe

By the end of the course, you will be confident enough to build server-side rendered web applications with React and Next.js.


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