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Artificial Intelligence in Finance 0

Artificial Intelligence in Finance

eBook Details: Paperback: 478 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (November 3, 2020) Language: English ISBN-10: 1492055433 ISBN-13: 978-1492055433 eBook Description: Artificial Intelligence in Finance: A Python-Based Guide The widespread adoption of AI and machine learning is revolutionizing many industries today. Once these technologies are combined with the programmatic availability of historical and real-time financial data, the financial industry will also change fundamentally. With this practical book, you’ll learn how to use AI and machine learning to discover statistical inefficiencies in financial markets...

Machine Learning for Finance [Video] 0

Machine Learning for Finance [Video]

Machine Learning for Finance [Video] English | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 4h 30m | 5.07 GB eLearning | Skill level: All Levels Machine Learning for Finance [Video]: Machine Learning techniques for solving major financial issues Machine Learning for Finance is a perfect course for financial professionals entering the fintech domain. It shows how to solve some of the most common and pressing issues facing institutions in the financial industry, from retail banks to hedge funds....

AI for Finance [Video] 0

AI for Finance [Video]

AI for Finance [Video] English | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 2h 19m | 654 MB eLearning | Skill level: All Levels AI for Finance [Video]: Explore Machine Learning methods to predict future financial events based on past data A lot of solutions to key problems in the financial world require predicting the future patterns in data from the past to make better financial decisions right now. The evolution of modern machine learning methods and tools...

Hands-On Deep Learning for Finance 0

Hands-On Deep Learning for Finance

eBook Details: Paperback: 442 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (February 28, 2020) Language: English ISBN-10: 1789613175 ISBN-13: 978-1789613179 eBook Description: Hands-On Deep Learning for Finance: Take your quantitative strategies to the next level by exploring nine examples that make use of cutting-edge deep learning technologies, including CNNs, LSTMs, GANs, reinforcement learning, and CapsNets Quantitative methods are the vanguard of the investment management industry. This book shows how to enhance trading strategies and investments in financial markets using deep learning algorithms. This book is an excellent...

Blockchain Development for Finance Projects 0

Blockchain Development for Finance Projects

eBook Details: Paperback: 530 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (January 31, 2020) Language: English ISBN-10: 1838829091 ISBN-13: 978-1838829094 eBook Description: Blockchain Development for Finance Projects: A practical blockchain handbook designed to take you through implementing and re-engineering banking and financial solutions and workflows using eight step-by-step projects Blockchain technology will continue to play an integral role in the banking and finance sector in the coming years. It will enable enterprises to build transparent and secure business processes. Experts estimate annual savings of up to 20...