Getting Productive with Modern Python [Video]

Getting Productive with Modern Python

Getting Productive with Modern Python [Video]

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Getting Productive with Modern Python [Video]: Bring your Python skills into the real world. Solve production issues around databases, parallelism, and deployment

Python is simple, but it isn’t easy. Python emphasizes code readability, using indentation and whitespaces to create code blocks. This makes it simpler than C++ or Java, where curly braces and keywords are scattered across the code. Python is high-level, which allows programmers like you to create logic with fewer lines of code.

This course follows a problem-solution format to tackle common roadblocks in Python programming. How can we handle large datasets and files, processing them in Python efficiently? How can we address performance issues for long-running tasks?

There is no other course that can transform every corner of your Python code. After going through the course, you will be confident enough to use Python for your large-scale applications and will perform tasks faster and more effective.


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