SAS Programming in 7 Steps [Video]

SAS Programming in 7 Steps

SAS Programming in 7 Steps [Video]

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SAS Programming in 7 Steps [Video]: A step by step guide to learn SAS Programming from scratch

SAS is a programming language designed specifically to analyze statistical data. SAS transforms data into insights, which can give you a fresh perspective on business. This course teaches you about SAS studio to write SAS code.

In this course, you’ll learn how to get your data into SAS by reading data through various methods. You’ll see how to create and import SAS data. You’ll work with data by using conditional statements and functions in SAS. You’ll also learn about various SAS procedures to work with your data.

  • Understand SAS as a programming language and see the benefits of SAS over Excel
  • See the workings of the SAS environment with PC-SAS and methods of importing data into SAS
  • Understand the SAS environment, for example whether fields in the data are numeric, character, or date, or whether there are non-required fields in the data
  • Import data into SAS sorting data, merging two datasets and using if-then-else commands
  • Use logical operators such as “AND” and “OR” to select particular portions of the data
  • Work with data and procedure statements in SAS. Report a graphical presentation, and create an output
  • Learn to utilize key features such as arithmetic operators and pulling variables from the database using SQL

All of the concepts are covered using a structured, practical implementation through mini-projects. You’ll learn by coding in a hands-on way, working in a SAS programming environment, and getting a detailed step-by-step explanation and implementation of each concept.


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