Hands-On Scala Programming [Video]

Hands-On Scala Programming

Hands-On Scala Programming [Video]

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Hands-On Scala Programming [Video]: Leverage Scala programming with functional constructs and build real-world applications

Over the last few years, Scala has seen a tremendous increase in its industry adoption as a tool for functional programming. Despite that, learning Scala can seem a bit intimidating, given its functional, immutable, and object-oriented nature.

This course adopts a hands-on approach to building a server-side chat application from scratch using Scala. You will begin by setting up a Scala environment with its sbt build tool. Then, you will build a server-side chat app using functional programming and recursion schemes together with immutable data structures to make your processing requests easy. Next, you’ll learn about advanced Scala features such as implicits, which foster code extensibility.

Moving on through the course, you’ll use Scala’s rich type system to create applications that identify all possible problems at compilation time. Finally, you’ll compose all knowledge and improve server-side processing to work in a concurrent and highly parallelizable way using Scala’s concurrency API.

  • Explore what’s new in Scala 2.13
  • Build intelligent server-side chat application via step-by-step exercises
  • Write expressive code while keeping it concise using Scala’s programmer-friendly features
  • Eliminate issues early on using Scala’s strong type features, giving you more time to solve the real problem at hand
  • Use standard Scala library constructs to add functionalities within your server-side application
  • Apply high-order functions and recursion to build highly optimized yet elegant solutions
  • Reduce duplication in your code even further with type-level programming
  • Utilize implicit parameters as a tool to enhance the design pattern of your application

By the end of this course, you will have become fully proficient at using advanced Scala programming features in your production applications.


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