GraphQL Projects [Video]

GraphQL Projects

GraphQL Projects [Video]

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GraphQL Projects [Video]: Create future-proof API interfaces via GraphQL through practical React projects

This book will give you a comprehensive understanding of the GraphQL schema language and you’ll create 3-4 complete JavaScript applications using GraphQL. Through examples, we will show you how to write Queries and Mutations, plug-in authentication/authorization, and enable caching in a client application using Apollo Client.

During the course we are going to build three different applications:

  • A job board application to understand how to get started with a simple CRUD app
  • A chat application to show a multi-user scenario in which authentication is necessary
  • A fleet tracking application which demonstrates a real-world example of working with real-time data

What You Will Learn

  • Go from merely knowing about GraphQL and become an expert at building several GraphQL projects using React
  • How to Remove thousands of lines of Redux boilerplate and replace it with Apollo even without using the GraphQL backend
  • Use Apollo Cache effectively to avoid unnecessary round-trips and provide a smooth experience for your end users
  • Create your own GraphQL backend on any cloud-with minimal effort
  • Easily turn any data you have into real-time applications-without using third-party services or cumbersome manual polling

This course focuses on practical aspects and building real-world projects and applications using GraphQL.


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