Murach’s C# 2010

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  • Paperback: 812 pages
  • Publisher: WOW! eBook & Associates; 4th edition (October 4, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9781890774592
  • ISBN-13: 978-1890774592

eBook Description:

Murach’s C# 2010, 4th Edition

This is the latest edition of our best-selling C# book. The content continues to evolve with the language, of course, but one thing has stayed the same over the years: We still call this “the C# book you’ll wish you’d bought first” because it gets you developing professional Windows Forms applications without any wasted time or effort.

What makes this book so effective? Here are several things it does that other C# books don’t do:

#1: The OOP section deals with business objects, not cats and dogs

Object-oriented programming is the basis for C# 2010. But while other books try to explain it using whimsical examples (like mammals or cars), this book explains it in terms of true business objects, like customers, invoices, and products. So right from the start, you ll see how OOP is applied in the real world.

#2: There s a 4-chapter section on database programming

Business applications require database processing. So instead of glossing over this crucial function in a chapter or two, this book gives you 4 full chapters that show you how to use RAD tools like data sources as well as ADO.NET code to do fairly sophisticated database processing. There’s certainly more to learn. But you’ll have a solid set of skills that will let you easily prototype typical database applications in business.

#3: Complete applications show how all the pieces interact

The key to mastering C# development is to have plenty of real-world examples that show you how the features you’re learning interact…and that help you avoid the problems that you can run into as you build complex applications. That’s why this book gives you complete applications for everyday business functions (these can be downloaded for free from the Murach web site).

#4: The paired-pages format lets you set your own pace

Murach books have a distinctive format, where each two-page spread presents a single topic. You can read every page…skim or skip material you already know…quickly pinpoint the reference details you need…use the book however it works best for you. To see how this works, you can look at some pages using Amazon’s Look Inside feature above or download sample chapters for free from the Murach web site.

Why we say this is the C# book you’ll wish you’d bought first

#1: A FAST start, coupled with Visual Studio productivity

This book starts you off using all the best features of Visual Studio so you can begin productive work almost immediately. In fact, it has you create a simple business application in chapters 2 and 3 so you can see right away how the core features of C# and of Visual Studio work. Download these chapters for free, and see for yourself.

#2: Object-oriented programming made clear

When it comes to object-oriented programming, too many C# books resort to whimsical but useless metaphors, like illustrating objects by creating animal classes such as mammals, cats, and dogs. Then they leave it up to you to figure out how to transfer these concepts to business applications.

In contrast, we present business objects such as customers, invoices, and products so you can see how OOP is used to create multi-tiered applications in the real world.

#3: Confidence in handling business requirements

Learning to use C# classes and OOP techniques isn’t enough. You also have to know how to code for the tasks that are required in most business applications. So this book builds on your skills in incremental steps to teach you how to validate data, handle numeric, date, and string data, work with loops, arrays, and collections, code methods and event handlers, handle exceptions, and work with text, binary, and XML data.

#4: A solid grounding in database programming

You can’t create business applications without handling databases. So this book teaches you how to use C# 2010’s tools for rapid application development, like the data sources feature and data handling controls. It also includes introductions to ADO.NET coding and to LINQ, a feature that lets you query almost any data source…not just databases…using the C# language.

Powerful stuff that’s glossed over in a chapter or two in most other C# books.

#5: No side-stepping of business requirements

This book presents complete, non-trivial applications that illustrate what you need to know on the job. Studying applications like these is the key to mastering C# development, but you won’t find them in many other C# books.

#6: Practice exercises solidify your skills

The exercises at the end of each chapter let you apply what you’ve learned, giving you valuable, hands-on experience. And because we provide the starting points for these exercises here at our site, you get the maximum amount of practice in a minimum of time.

#7: Paired pages make learning a breeze

If you haven’t ever used one of our books before, you may want to download a sample chapter before you buy. If you do, you’ll discover why programmers are so impressed by our “paired pages” format and why college students ask their instructors for Murach books. Not only does this format make learning easier and faster, but it also makes this the ideal reference book when you’re on the job.

#8: 100% guarantee

Like all our books, this one is backed by our 90-day trial period and 100% guarantee. It must teach you C# 2010 the way the best professionals use it, or send it back for a prompt refund.

So please don’t delay. Get your copy, and let this book turn you into a top C# developer starting today!

About the Author

Joel Murach has been writing and editing books about computer programming for over 10 years. During that time, he has written extensively on a wide range of Java, .NET, web, and database technologies. When he’s not programming or writing books about programming, he can be found surfing or writing music.

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