Mastering Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (Video Course)

Mastering Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (Video Course)

Mastering Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (Video Course)

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Mastering Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (Video Course): Everything you’ll ever need to know about SELinux!

Mastering Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) (Video Course) is your full training to understand and use SELinux. SELinux is a valuable addition to the standard Linux security options that makes your Linux distribution secure. The course starts with the basics of SELinux and goes deeper into more advanced topics like SELinux and Multi-Level Security or (MLS) and Multi-Category Security (MCS) and managing SELinux with Ansible. It also has in-depth coverage about SELinux in containerized environments. It has labs throughout so you can see SELinux in real time and practice as you learn.

Topics included in this course:

  • SELinux Fundamentals covers basic concepts like mandatory access control, how to enable SELinux, understanding context labels, managing context labels and how to use Booleans.
  • Analyzing SELinux teaches how to analyze SELinux by covering troubleshooting and showing how to analyze Booleans and rules.
  • Using Custom Applications with SELinux shows custom applications with SELinux and covers working with SELinux modules, and how to make any application work with SELinux.
  • Military Grade Security with SELinux users and MLS offers three lessons about the best kind of protection and security that SELinux has to offer. It covers how SELinux can be used in military organization and covers topics of SELinux users, how to manage multi-level security and how to use multi-category security.
  • Configuring SELinux for containers explains how to make a containerized environment absolutely secure by adding SELinux.
  • Managing SELinux with Ansible covers how to secure containers with SELinux, and how to manage SELinux with Ansible.

Main features of the course are:

  • Understand when SELinux and how it is needed
  • Learn how to troubleshoot problems occurring because of SELinux
  • Make your application work with SELinux
  • Implement military grade security using SELinux MLS and MCS

This course is also a full resource for learners who want to thoroughly understand SELinux while preparing for any Red Hat Enterprise Linux related exam, as well as application developers and administrators who want to over the highest possible level of security by using SELinux.

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