Kubernetes: From Basics to Guru (Video Course)

Kubernetes: From Basics to Guru (Video Course)

Kubernetes: From Basics to Guru (Video Course)

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Kubernetes: From Basics to Guru (Video Course): Go from basic to guru in the Kubernetes world!

Kubernetes: From Basics to Guru (Video Course) is your one-stop course to mastering the Kubernetes world. The course is a comprehensive guide to learn fundamentals through advanced concepts in a carefully curated course. You will master container orchestration, Kubernetes deployments, and unlock the full potential of cloud-native applications.

This master course includes lessons from:

  • Building and Managing Microservices with Kubernetes and Istio
  • Automating Kubernetes with GitOps
  • Getting Started with Containers
  • Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) Complete Video Course
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Complete Video Course, 3rd Edition
  • Getting Started with Kubernetes

Learn to run applications in Kubernetes and create a minikube and cloud native environment. You will learn how to manage security settings, understand API access, setup RBAC, deploy applications using YAML manifests and demonstrate continuous delivery using GitOps principles.

Learn How To:

  • Run Applications in Kubernetes
  • Setup Kubernetes for GitOps
  • Use DevOps, GitOps, and pipelines
  • Run Kubernetes, Minikube environment, and run applications in Kubernetes
  • Run applications in a cloud native environment
  • Create a Kubernetes cluster
  • Manage Kubernetes Networking
  • Manage Cluster Nodes
  • Troubleshoot Kubernetes Clusters and Applications

The course is divided into 26 lessons categorized under 6 modules. The modules are Fundamentals, DevOps and GitOps, Kubernetes, Advanced Kubernetes Services, Microservices and Gitops.

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