Learning Google Cloud Platform [Video]

Learning Google Cloud Platform

Learning Google Cloud Platform [Video]

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Learning Google Cloud Platform [Video]: Learn to migrate and build highly scalable, reliable applications that leverage Google’s planet-scale infrastructure

Want to learn how to architect and deploy applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? This course will show you how to deploy your application to GCP.

First, you will run the same application in different ways on GCP. Then you’ll learn how to choose the right package and take advantage of the scale and reliability of GCP. Moving on, you’ll work with App Engine and Containers with a dash of Cloud Functions to discover the future of cloud computing.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to architect and deploy applications on GCP.

  • Explore the various options of interacting with GCP services
  • Deploy an application with multiple components to GCP using GCE, GAE, and GKE
  • Choose the right storage and database technology for your application
  • Focus on the actions you need to know to build scalable, reliable applications using GCP
  • Transform the application to AI-driven application by leveraging Google’s fast, large-scale, and easy-to-use AI products and services

This course will give you the essential knowledge to choose the right GCP solution for your application and show you how to move from a traditional, on-premises application to be cloud-ready, scalable and resilient. You will understand the essential GCP concepts and be ready to learn more advanced techniques.

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