Learn GitHub Copilot by Example (Video Course)

Learn GitHub Copilot by Example (Video Course)

Learn GitHub Copilot by Example (Video Course)

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Learn GitHub Copilot by Example (Video Course): Drastically improve your productivity as a programmer by learning how to use Generative AI techniques effectively.

GitHub Copilot is the tool that software developers have long dreamed ofand dreaded. Put simply, it’s AI that can write code. Of course, this doesn’t mean that developers will go away, but rather that their jobs will change dramatically in the same way that weavers’ or farmers’ jobs changed dramatically during the industrial revolution. For developers to remain relevant, they must now focus their attention not on simply writing code but leveraging these new technologies to dramatically improve their efficiency.

Learn How To:

  • Increase your productivity: Boost productivity with auto-suggestion codes and maximize efficiency in time-sensitive projects.
  • Adopt AI in development: Understand how to integrate AI tools into one’s development workflow and delve into best practices for collaborating with AI in coding.
  • Navigate potential pitfalls: Get guidance on when to trust Copilot’s suggestions, how to identify potential pitfalls, and ensure that they’re writing high-quality, efficient code.
  • Onboard rapidly and augment your skill set: Beginner learners will learn how to use Copilot as a learning tool and quickly onboard projects or pick up new languages and frameworks.

In this Learn GitHub Copilot by Example (Video Course), expert author and trainer Shaun Wassell shows how to use GitHub Copilot for code-writing, including several real-world examples to show it in action.

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