Hands-On Dynamics 365 AI for Business Insights [Video]

Hands-On Dynamics 365 AI for Business Insights

Hands-On Dynamics 365 AI for Business Insights [Video]

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Hands-On Dynamics 365 AI for Business Insights [Video]: Achieve predictive insights, take informed actions, and improve customer experiences by leveraging the power of AI

AI is on everyone’s mind in the IT world, and Microsoft is at the forefront when it comes to investing in both AI and business applications. With AI built into Dynamics 365, businesses can change their business landscape, become more efficient, and reduce manual processes.

In this course, you will reap the benefits of the new AI applications introduced by Microsoft in terms of sales, market, and customer service insights. You will begin with a quick installation and overview of Dynamics 365 and AI. You’ll use AI for Customer Service Insights to achieve actionable insights into critical data and trends from your customer service system.

You will also use AI for Sales to enable stronger customer relationships, perform actions based on market insights, close sales faster, and make your business more efficient. Finally, you will discover how Market Insights connects organizations based on the conversations and opinions that their customers and the broader market are engaged in.

  • Explore Dynamics 365 AI configuration capabilities for specific customer needs
  • Leverage AI-driven insights to make better decisions and confidently and proactively improve customer satisfaction
  • Configure and work with Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, including embedded AI experience for sales users
  • Use AI-powered intelligence to turn data into insights and insights into action, and make better decisions
  • Increase sales and improve decision-making with AI-powered insights fueled by customer data
  • Configure and manage data inputs, and leverage the maximum value for business users

By the end of the course, you will be able to use Dynamics 365 AI applications to achieve efficient and intelligent business insights.

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