Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 [Video]

Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 [Video]

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Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 [Video]: Explore Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 today! Learn editing, color correction, audio mixing, SFX, animation, and more!

Want to make money creatively? This Adobe Premiere Pro course will help you get there by showing you the ins and outs of being a professional video editor. Start today and begin editing for customers tomorrow!

In this course, you will learn, from start to finish, how to edit a broadcast-friendly commercial. You’ll start by laying down your timeline, adding effects, using text and color grading – all the way to mixing in final sound effects. Then you’ll export your commercial to be broadcast on TV, web/digital delivery, or for use on streaming services. This course will help you speed up your edits, show you how to use beginner & intermediate workflows for editing, color correction, titles/text, animations, transitions, effects, audio mixing, exporting, and much more.

  • Perform video editing efficiently and quickly
  • Give your videos a professional look by employing stabilization
  • Apply color correction effects to adjust the appearance of your video clips
  • Work with the Essential Graphics Panel to create your own customized titles
  • Add an impressive graphic or logo to your own brand
  • Utilize the Premiere Pro sound panel to perform audio mixing and add SFX
  • Export your final commercial video for distribution and delivery

By the end of the course, you will have built a solid functional knowledge with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 and will be confident enough to use it for your own projects.


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