Using MySQL Databases With Python [Video]

Using MySQL Databases With Python

Using MySQL Databases With Python [Video]

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Using MySQL Databases With Python [Video]: Learn the MySql Database with Python the fast and easy way!

These days, everything uses a database, and MySQL is one of the most popular databases out there. FREE and Open Source, Mysql is a great database for just about all of your needs.

Likewise, Python is one of the most popular and powerful programming languages today. Pairing the two together is a powerful combination!

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of using MySQL with Python. You’ll learn how to create databases and tables, add data, sort data, create reports, pull specific data, and more.

  • Understand how to use MySQL Databases with Python
  • Understand the basics of what a database can do
  • Install Python, MySQL, Git Bash, and MySQL Connector
  • Create a database and table
  • Put data in and take data out using Python
  • Update and delete data from the database
  • Explore what’s in the database whenever you want
  • Create basic reports with the data from your database

For this course, we’ll assume you that already have a basic knowledge of Python programming, but you don’t need to know anything at all about databases or MySQL to take the course.


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