Troubleshooting and Supercharging React Native [Video]

Troubleshooting and Supercharging React Native

Troubleshooting and Supercharging React Native [Video]

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Troubleshooting and Supercharging React Native [Video]: Dive into practical solutions to React Native development issues

React Native bridges the gap between JS, Android, and iOS. But, you often get stuck debugging common issues and wasting your creative and productive capacity for the day. Jump into this course and learn the best way to solve them!

In this course, you’ll learn how to find memory leaks and cease unwanted applications in the background. You’ll reduce the CPU usage of your application. You’ll optimize APIs and third-party libraries to minimize the size of your application. Most developers complain about performance issues while implementing navigation components, so you’ll learn how to solve them once and for all. Finally, you’ll minimize your application’s launch time and improve its overall performance.

  • Overcome the most common bugs and pitfalls that plague React Native developers today
  • Effectively evaluate the tradeoffs of using pure JavaScript libraries versus a native solution in building performant apps
  • Solve your navigation issues once and for all
  • Handle complex operations in JavaScript while keeping your app UI running smoothly
  • Implement build versions for test releases
  • Set up error monitoring / reporting for your production application

At the end of the course, you’ll supercharge your productivity in React Native, by spending less time debugging and more time coding.


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