SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials

SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials: SwiftUI in Motion

eBook Details:

  • Paperback: 307 pages
  • Publisher: WOW! eBook (November 22, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1950325792
  • ISBN-13: 978-1950325795

eBook Description:

SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials: SwiftUI in Motion: Up to date for Swift 5.8, iOS 16, Xcode 14

SwiftUI has absolutely changed our lives when it comes to developer experience and developer productivity. We can make beautiful apps extremely quickly, get instant feedback from SwiftUI previews and iterate. SwiftUI also enables developers to easily leverage most common animations using simple SwiftUI modifiers, making it a pleasure to use. But it also begs the question: “How do I make my app stand out if everyone is using the same standard animations?”

Luckily, SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials is here to help you learn how to create detailed and delightful animations, starting from the basics and up to the most complex and customizable ones.

This book aims to push the envelope for seasoned developers who can leverage SwiftUI’s basic animation system but aren’t aware of the many advanced concepts available to bring their animations to the next level of craftsmanship and interactivity, broadening the reader’s horizons and creative thinking.

Topics Covered in SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials:

  • Basic Animations: You’ll start your journey through this book by exploring how the SwiftUI animation system works and how to create some simple and useful animations.
  • Timing Curves: You’ll learn how animation timing curves work and how to create your own custom timing curves.
  • Transitions: Transitions represent how elements enter and exit the scene in SwiftUI. You’ll use and learn how to leverage the most basic transitions, build up to complex transitions using Matched Geometry, and finally build an entirely custom transition.
  • Shape Animations: You’ll learn how to use animations to enhance custom shapes and their paths.
  • Custom Animations: You’ll learn how to leverage the Animatable protocol to create entirely custom animations based on complex value changes. You’ll use AnimatablePair to further your custom animations to support multiple value changes.
  • Time-Based Animations: You’ll learn how to create custom animations that occur over time and get to build one such animation and draw it on a custom Canvas.
  • SceneKit & SwiftUI: You’ll learn how to enjoy the best of both worlds, combining SwiftUI animations with SceneKit animations right inside your SwiftUI views.
  • Real World Elements: You’ll wrap up this book by recreating a well-known highly-complex UI element – The Apple Watch Honeycomb grid, and use everything you learned throughout the book to achieve a well-polished result.

One thing you can count on: after reading this book, you’ll be prepared to tackle any crazy animation ideas that come to your mind, impressing your users with well-crafted animations.


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