Securing Windows Server 2019 [Video]

Securing Windows Server 2019

Securing Windows Server 2019 [Video]

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Securing Windows Server 2019 [Video]: Create a protected and agile application environment, offering both stability and flexibility using Windows Server 2019

Windows Server has built-in security features to help you a better understanding of the operating system and detect malicious activity. It helps you protect your networks and ensure that valuable resources are efficiently secured.

In this course, we’ll begin by taking a look at Windows Server 2019, configuring disk and file encryption, implementing malware protection, and creating security baselines. You’ll learn how to manage privileged access management by implementing the different features of Windows Server.

Moving on, you’ll learn to implement threat detection solutions to determine threats and keep your application protected. You’ll configure network security, including firewalls, implement a Software Defined Datacenter Firewall, secure network traffic, and look at secure virtualization, such as encryption-supported virtual machines.

  • Discover the Defense in Depth model and how each Windows Server 2019 security feature plays a role
  • Protect data at rest using disk- and file-level encryption
  • Use many host-level protections, including Windows Defender, Local Policies, User Rights Assignments, and host-based firewalls
  • Develop threat detection procedures using Operations Management Suite
  • Apply the best practice of the Principle of Least Privilege using features such as Just in Time Administration and Just Enough Administration
  • Lockdown Windows servers and client operating systems using Microsoft Baseline Analyzer and Privileged Access Workstations

During the course, you’ll work on live demos, participate in hands-on labs, as you shore up your skills for ongoing security management. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create a protected and agile application environment using the both stability and flexibility of Windows Server 2019.


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