Rust Quickstart (Video Course)

Rust Quickstart: Programming Essentials in Rust (Video Course)

Rust Quickstart: Programming Essentials in Rust (Video Course)

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Today its more important than ever to be able to pick up a language quickly to adapt to fast-paced work environments. The Rust Quickstart (Video Course) comes in at the crunch to help you thrive as a software developer without the stumbling block of struggling with a new language.

Rust is one of the fastest growing programming languages and is often used to build projects typically requiring languages like C++. Rust offers full control and extreme performance with type safety and strong support for concurrency. Rust is also well suited for Web3 development as it is used in many blockchains and decentralized applications. Rust is also the influence and starting point for multiple domain specific languages used throughout Web3.

Learn How To:

  • Work with types in Rust
  • Build dynamic applications with control flow
  • Build custom functions for code organization and maintainability
  • Describe real-world data with object-oriented programming
  • Safely work with memory

With this Rust Quickstart: Programming Essentials in Rust (Video Course) Caleb Curry brings programmers up to speed quickly on the benefits of Rust, and how and when to use it to get fully up and running.

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