Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course)

Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course)

Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course)

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Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course): Learn Rust programming from the ground up and create real-world applications.

Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course) covers all the aspects of mastering the Rust language, from foundational to advanced levels. This video course will help you learn how to apply Rust to real-world scenarios through clear training and detailed examples.

The Rust language combines the efficiency, speed, and low-level power of C/C++ with the benefits of higher-level languages such as Java, Python, and C#, and you can use it to implement all kinds of solutions including embedded systems, DevOps operators, operating systems and platforms, and much more besides.

Topics included in this Rust Programming Essentials (Video Course):

  • Module 1: Rust Programming Essentials
  • Module 2: Rust Ownership and Borrowing
  • Module 3: Structuring Rust Code
  • Module 4: Advanced Rust Programming Concepts
  • Module 5: Real-World Rust in Action

In the course, you will learn about the Rust toolset, the Rust type system, how to implement flow control, how to use compound types and collections, and how Rust carefully manages the lifetime of objects and how they are referenced safely in your code.

The course also looks at how to organize Rust applications into functions, structures, and traits. You will learn how to use these techniques to achieve familiar object-oriented goals such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. You will also learn how Rust deals with important issues such as generic types and multithreading.

Learn How To:

  • Create, build, and run Rust applications
  • Organize Rust code and application structure properly
  • Manage memory safely and effectively
  • Use object-oriented programming techniques
  • Implement concurrency
  • Explore additional Rust techniques
  • Implement file handling
  • Access a relational database

You will learn how to structure large applications in Rust through detailed walkthrough of two complete real-world applications. Experienced trainer Andy Olsen will systematically teach you the skills needed to start using Rust effectively and efficiently.

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