QC101 Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics for Beginners [Video]

QC101 Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics for Beginners

QC101 Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics for Beginners [Video]

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QC101 Quantum Computing and Quantum Physics for Beginners [Video]: Master quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum physics with Microsoft Q# (Q Sharp) and IBM Quantum Experience

Quantum computing is the next trend in the software industry. Quantum computers are exponentially faster than today’s classical computers. Problems that were considered too difficult for computers to solve – such as simulations of protein folding in biological systems and cracking RSA encryption – are now possible through quantum computers. How fast are Quantum computers? A 64-bit quantum computer can process 36 billion bytes of information in each step of the computation. Compare that to the 8 bytes that your home computer can process in each computational step!

Companies such as Google, Intel, IBM, and Microsoft are investing billions in their quest to build quantum computers. If you master quantum computing now, you will be ready to profit from this technology revolution. This course teaches quantum computing from the ground up. The only background you need is 12th grade-level high-school Math and Physics. If it has been a while since you completed your high-school Math courses, and if you want a quick review, look at the prerequisite course: QC051: Math Foundation for Quantum Computing.

IMPORTANT: You must enjoy Physics and Math to get the most out of this course. This course is primarily about analyzing the behavior of quantum circuits using Math and Quantum Physics. While everything you need to know beyond 12th-grade high school science is explained here, you must be aware that quantum physics is an extremely difficult subject. You might frequently need to stop the video and replay the lesson to understand it.

In the first part of this course, you will learn to communicate securely using quantum cryptography. Next, you will learn basic quantum physics along with the mathematical tools you need to analyze quantum systems. Finally, you will use industry tools (Microsoft Q# on Visual Studio and IBM Quantum Experience) to develop quantum software. Additionally, the course materials include a downloadable Q# framework that you can use to experiment with quantum algorithms, entanglement, and superposition. Enroll today and join the quantum revolution!

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