PyTorch for Deep Learning and Computer Vision [Video]

PyTorch for Deep Learning and Computer Vision

PyTorch for Deep Learning and Computer Vision [Video]

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PyTorch for Deep Learning and Computer Vision [Video]: Learn to build highly sophisticated Deep Learning and Computer Vision Applications with PyTorch

  • Work with the tensor data structure
  • Implement machine and deep learning applications with PyTorch
  • Build neural networks from scratch
  • Build complex models through the applied theme of advanced imagery and Computer Vision
  • Solve complex problems in Computer Vision by harnessing highly sophisticated pre-trained models
  • Use style transfer to build sophisticated AI applications

PyTorch has rapidly become one of the most transformative frameworks in the field of deep learning. Since its release, PyTorch has completely changed the landscape of the deep learning domain with its flexibility and has made building deep learning models easier. The development world offers some of the highest paying jobs in deep learning. In this exciting course, instructor Rayan Slim will help you learn and master deep learning with PyTorch. Having taught over 44,000 students, Rayan is a highly rated and experienced instructor who has followed a learning-by-doing style to create this course. You’ll go from a beginner to deep learning expert with your instructor completing each step of the task with you. By the end of this course, you will have built state-of-the-art deep learning and Computer Vision applications with PyTorch. The projects built in this course will impress even the most senior developers and ensure you have hands-on skills that you can bring to any project or organization.

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