Python: Your First Step Toward Data Science [Video]

Python: Your First Step Toward Data Science

Python: Your First Step Toward Data Science [Video]

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Python: Your First Step Toward Data Science [Video]: Enter the popular field of Data Science by learning Python. No guff; this course actually gets you there

Python is one of the top languages today and is very popular with Data Scientists and Data Analysts. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this course will help you take the next step to becoming a Data Scientist.

This fast-paced, action-packed course will maximize your time; it’s designed from the ground up to familiarize you with the basics of Python, so you can pursue your data science dreams. With this course, you will be up-and-running with Python Data Science in no time, helping you prove your value and expertise today and build your CV and skill set for tomorrow.

  • Set up your Python data science environment
  • Master core Python concepts and import your datasets into Python
  • Functions, lambdas, and string functions for data cleaning
  • Classes, objects, and tuples for building regression models with scikit-learn
  • List slicing and class parameters to build classification models
  • Generators for grouping relevant items using clustering

This course will get you up-to-speed with using Python, without resorting to a collection of disconnected, unrelated pieces of information. Thus, you can take the next step toward advancing your career in data science.


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