Python Programming [Video]

Python Programming

Python Programming [Video]

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Python Programming [Video]: Gain hands-on experience with Python and Django and learn essential Python concepts

Python is the future of AI and machine learning and one of the most popular programming languages in the world. This course will help you understand Python’s design, memory models, object-arranged highlights, and more.

You’ll start with the basics of Python before moving on to explore data operations. The course will guide you through everything, from data conversion to list methods. As you progress, you’ll also get to grips with error handling and file operations. Toward the concluding sections, you’ll focus on web scraping using Beautiful Soup, before finally going on to understand Django.

  • Gain knowledge of data type conversion
  • Explore the different operators
  • Get to grips with the conditional statement
  • Understand the Python debugger
  • Get up to speed with reading and writing files and working with the date-time module
  • Understand web scraping using Beautiful Soup
  • Gain insights into the architecture of Django

By the end of this course, you’ll have skills you need to confidently create and send robust Python applications using off-the-rack libraries.

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