Mastering Swift 5 Programming [Video]

Mastering Swift 5 Programming

Mastering Swift 5 Programming [Video]

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Mastering Swift 5 Programming [Video]: Build robust applications and write faster and more efficient code with Swift 5 and Xcode 10

Swift is the definitive language for Apple development today. It’s a vital part of any iOS and macOS developer’s skillset, helping them to build the most impressive and popular apps on the App Store the sort of apps that are essential to iPhone and iPad users every day.

In this course, you’ll find the key features of Swift 4.x and quickly learn how to use the newest updates to your development advantage. From Objective-C interoperability and ARC to closures and concurrency, this advanced Swift guide will develop your expertise and help you become fluent in this vital programming language.

You’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of some of the most sophisticated elements of Swift development, including protocol extensions, error-handling, and concurrency. You’ll implement the power of protocol-oriented programming to write flexible and easier-to-manage code.

  • Discover the core components of Swift 5, including operators, collections, control flows, and functions
  • Work with functions, structures, and protocols
  • Implement design patterns using protocol-oriented programming
  • Take advantage of Grand Central Dispatch framework to manage concurrent operations
  • Write robust and efficient code and avoid common pitfalls using Swift 5
  • Discover the easy way to catch and fix memory leaks in your apps and make it faster and more responsive by using instruments

By the end of this course, you’ll be well acquainted with Swift and other essential tools, and you will be ready to tackle advanced iOS and macOS applications with Swift.


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