Linux Under the Hood, 2nd Edition (Video Course)

Linux Under the Hood, 2nd Edition (Video Course)

Linux Under the Hood, 2nd Edition (Video Course)

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Linux Under the Hood, 2nd Edition (Video Course): Become a Linux power user!

  • Learn the ins and outs of Linux Internals and discover what makes Linux the most powerful operating system
  • Get under the hood and understand how Linux really works
  • Perform in-depth practical investigations of key Linux functionalities

Linux Under the Hood, 2nd Edition (Video Course) offers an extensive exploration of how Linux functions, allowing you to fully harness its capabilities. Familiarizing yourself with Linux internals will allow you to surpass mere commands and gain valuable insights to optimize your use of Linux.

Course requirement:

  • Learners are expected to have basic working knowledge of the Linux operating system.
  • Learners should prepare one virtual or physical machine with any Linux distribution; hardware specs are not important.
  • To make it easy to follow along with the instructor, it is recommended (but not required) to install either the latest version of Ubuntu LTS (either workstation or server edition) or the latest CentOS Stream or equivalent.

The first module dives into a deeper understanding of Linux architecture; you will learn about the inner workings of key Linux components like the kernel, systemd, and the Linux boot procedure. The following module will focus on storage and filesystems, encompassing local devices as well as cloud and datacenter storage solutions. Next, we will cover core components, including memory, processes, and the intricacies of command execution. Finally, we will explore Linux’s evolution into a container-based platform.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • The target audience for this course consists of people that have used Linux for a while and who want to know what it really is doing.
  • The typical primary audience consists of system administrators.
  • The secondary audience consists of operating system students and others who want to know how Linux works.

Each lesson concludes with a real-world scenario, where Sander demonstrates the practical implementation of various features explained in the lesson videos.

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