Java For Dummies, 5th Edition

eBook Details:

  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: For Dummies; 5th edition (August 11, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470371730
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470371732

eBook Description:

The top-selling beginning Java book is now fully updated for Java 7!

Java is the platform-independent, object-oriented programming language used for developing web and mobile applications. The revised version offers new functionality and features that have programmers excited, and this popular guide covers them all. This book helps programmers create basic Java objects and learn when they can reuse existing code. It’s just what inexperienced Java developers need to get going quickly with Java 2 Standard Edition 7.0 (J2SE 7.0) and Java Development Kit 7.0 (JDK 7).

  • Explores how the new version of Java offers more robust functionality and new features such as closures to keep Java competitive with more syntax-friendly languages like Python and Ruby
  • Covers object-oriented programming basics with Java, code reuse, the essentials of creating a Java program using the new JDK 7, creating basic Java objects, and new Eclipse features
  • A companion web site offers all code from the book and bonus chapters

Written by a Java trainer, Java For Dummies, 5th Edition will enable even novice programmers to start creating Java applications quickly and easily.

From the Back Cover

Jumpin’ Java! The bestselling Java beginner’s book is now fully updated for Java 7!

Java, the object-oriented programming language that works on almost any computer, is what powers many of those cool multimedia applications. Thousands have learned Java programming from previous editions of this book — now it’s your turn! Whether you’re new to programming or already know a little Visual Basic or C++, you’ll be doing Java in a jiffy.

  • The Java scoop – get an overview of Java, the enhancements in Java 7, and the software tools you need
  • Building blocks – learn to work with Java classes and methods and add comments
  • Get loopy – understand the value of variables and learn to control program flow with loops or decision-making statements
  • Class it up – explore classes and objects, constructors, and subclasses, and see how to reuse your code
  • A click ahead – experiment with variables and methods, use arrays and collections to juggle values, and create programs that respond to mouse clicks

Open the book and find:

  • Definitions of the many terms you’ll encounter
  • The grammar of Java
  • How to save time by reusing code
  • All about if, for, switch, and while statements
  • An overview of object-oriented programming
  • Hints about handling exceptions
  • How to write Java applets
  • Ten ways to avoid mistakes

Visit the companion website at for lots of code samples that you can use in your Java programs

Learn to:

  • Combine several smaller programs to create a bigger program
  • Work with new libraries, closure, parallel frameworks, and other new features
  • Create basic Java objects and reuse code
  • Handle exceptions and events

Author Info

Barry Burd, PhD, is a professor of mathematics and computer science at Drew University. He frequently contributes to various online technology resources, including, and is the author of Ruby On Rails For Dummies and the previous edition of this book.

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