IP Addresses and Subnetting [Video]

IP Addresses and Subnetting

IP Addresses and Subnetting [Video]

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IP Addresses and Subnetting [Video]: A guide on how to subnet effectively with step-by-step instructions

Subnetting and dealing with binary-decimal conversion may seem challenging.

However, this course will take you through the traditional approach to subnetting in a practical manner. You’ll even explore quick and proven methods to subnet effectively. A dedicated section will guide you through essential binary math concepts. In addition to this, you’ll learn binary and decimal conversion. Later, you’ll get up and running with IP address classes.

  • Delve into binary math concepts
  • Explore essential IP address concepts
  • Get to grips with IP address classes
  • Understand subnetting – FLSM and VLSM

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with IP addresses, along with having the skills you need to subnet effectively.


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