Interactive Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight [Video]

Interactive Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight

Interactive Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight [Video]

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Interactive Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight [Video]: Create interactive dashboards that drive better decision-making using QuickSight

As the largest cloud provider in the world, it’s no surprise that Amazon Web Services is getting into the BI game with its new business analytics service: QuickSight. Whether you already store your data in the Amazon Cloud or elsewhere, QuickSight allows you to analyze your data to gain those critical business insights that inform better decision-making.

Amazon QuickSight is a new, cloud-based business analytics service enabling users to visualize and extract business insight from their data. This course teaches you how to connect, prepare and analyze your data inside one of Amazon’s newest services. In this course, you will cover an end to end architecture on AWS Big data ecosystem from importing data to S3 storage using Lambda, preparing data using Athena, connecting Athena and QuickSight SPICE and finally visualizing the data using QuickSight. The major topics that will be covered in this course include Big Data Analytics and AWS services, QuickSight account creation, connecting your data to QuickSight, data preparation using functions, QuickSight visualizations, dashboards, and stories.

  • Create actionable information by applying data storytelling that drives better decision making and resonates with your audience
  • Understand AWS Big Data ecosystem services and how they can be used to build a cloud-based analytical solution with QuickSight for visualization
  • Construct calculations to declutter your dashboards and build compelling charts
  • Generate user interactivity and discovery through the use of filters, parameters, and actions in QuickSight
  • Discover advanced features in QuickSight including machine learning-based forecasting, anomaly detection, and mobile application

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the skills required to build a data analytics solution in AWS using QuickSight along with other related services.


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