Hands-On Test-Driven Development with Java and Spring [Video]

Hands-On Test-Driven Development with Java and Spring

Hands-On Test-Driven Development with Java and Spring [Video]

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Hands-On Test-Driven Development with Java and Spring [Video]: Learn the TDD approach to better and faster development

Software development is permeating the world and this development has reached unparalleled levels today, thanks to rapid advancements in technology. The need for software testing has also become so critical that we need to shift the way we develop software. Test-Driven Development (TDD) is at the forefront of how we test software from the moment we start developing it. This course is designed to make sure that you can quickly learn and adapt TDD techniques in your projects to take full advantage of what TDD has to offer.

With TDD, testing software is embedded within the development cycle, allowing a constant testing feedback loop and thereby giving you the confidence to achieve optimal results for your software. We quickly start TDD implementation with Java, and then deploy TDD with Spring. We also learn how things work under-the-hood by exploring how Spring and TDD work internally. Lastly, we apply integration testing to all implementations created in the course to get a taste of how two components interact with each other.

  • Get a solid understanding of Test-Driven Development practices
  • Learn how to implement TDD with plain-old Java
  • Implement TDD adapt it to Spring development
  • Optimize and refine your code by adapting the TDD approach
  • Implement the TDD approach to SQL backends with JUnit
  • Apply the TDD approach to NoSQL backends with JUnit
  • Use WireMock to implement the TDD approach with third-party APIs

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained the skills you need to develop software using the TDD approach and you’ll get higher-quality and faster results in no time!


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