Hands-On Amazon DynamoDB for Developers [Video]

Hands-On Amazon DynamoDB for Developers

Hands-On Amazon DynamoDB for Developers [Video]

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Hands-On Amazon DynamoDB for Developers [Video]: Become a DynamoDB expert and use this NoSQL database to power your businesses

With this course, you’ll understand DynamoDB’s strengths and be aware of its pitfalls to ensure you’re set up to succeed. Getting up and started quickly is very important when delivering software. DynamoDB, being a fully managed service in AWS, enables exactly this. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed, fast, and flexible NoSQL database service.

This course provides you with a good understanding of how the service works and the best way to leverage it while avoiding the common pitfalls. You’ll learn how DynamoDB works under the covers. First, you’ll explore the very basics, then move on to modelling a system in DynamoDB, to ensure it provides reliable performance and scalability. You’ll gain an understanding of the capabilities DynamoDB offers, such as Triggers and learn all about Time to Live and DynamoDB Accelerator.

  • Understand NoSQL and how it differs to a traditional relational data model
  • Learn how DynamoDB helps us build cloud scale internet applications
  • Put the fundamentals of the DynamoDB data model into action and understand how it drives application design decisions
  • Use DynamoDB secondary indexes to add greater flexibility to our application
  • Accelerate DynamoDB performance with features like DAX and Global Tables
  • Automatically remove expired objects with TTL
  • Export data for later use with DynamoDB streams
  • Execute ACID transactions on DynamoDB tables

Finally, you’ll learn how to improve the performance and build a high-performance application database. By the end of this course, you’ll understand the fundamentals of DynamoDB and be comfortable using it when building your own application.


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