Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3, Second Edition

Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3, 2nd Edition

eBook Details:

  • Paperback: 628 pages
  • Publisher: WOW! eBook; 2nd edition (March 17, 2023)
  • Language:¬†English
  • ISBN-10: 1803234997
  • ISBN-13: 978-1803234991

eBook Description:

Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3, 2nd Edition: Let industry experts guide you on your journey to becoming a Vue.js developer with the help of practical projects and fun exercises

Are you looking to use Vue.js 3 for building web apps but don’t know where to begin? Find out how you can get the most out of the Vue.js 3 framework and build an end-to-end project.

Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3, Second Edition will help you get to grips with the core concepts of this JavaScript framework using practical examples that simulate real-world web projects. With this updated edition, you’ll experience all aspects of the new and improved Vue.js 3 as you work on mini projects such as a chat interface, a shopping cart, a price calculator, a to-do app, and a profile card generator for storing contact details. These realistic projects are presented as bite-size exercises that you can enjoy even as you challenge yourself.

Throughout the book, you’ll discover how to manage data in Vue components, define communication interfaces between components, and handle static and dynamic routing to control application flow. You’ll also work with Vite and Vue DevTools and learn how to handle transition and animation effects for an engaging user experience. Finally, you’ll see how to test your app and deploy it to the web.

  • Set up a development environment and start your first Vue.js 3 project
  • Modularize a Vue application using component hierarchies
  • Use external JavaScript libraries to create animations
  • Share state between components and use Pinia for state management
  • Work with APIs using Pinia and Axios to fetch remote data
  • Validate functionality with unit testing and end-to-end testing
  • Get to grips with web app deployment

By the end of this Frontend Development Projects with Vue.js 3, 2nd Edition book, you’ll have the skills that enable you to work like an experienced Vue developer to build professional apps that can be used by others and have the confidence to tackle real-world frontend web development problems.


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