Django for Python Developers [Video]

Django for Python Developers

Django for Python Developers [Video]

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Django for Python Developers [Video]: Master Django and create Python web applications in simple steps

Are you a Python developer, and do you want to create Python web applications by mastering Django? Are you an experienced Django developer and do you want to fill in any gaps in your knowledge about creating a web application using Django? If so, this course is for you too?

  • Learn the fundamentals of web application development
  • Understand how Django makes it easy to build web apps
  • Master the Model View template pattern that Django uses
  • See Django in action
  • Create Django Views to process a user request and send a response
  • Implement templates and use them in views
  • Create models and use Django migrations to create database tables from models
  • Master the fundamentals of Django Object Relational Mapping (ORM), which makes it super-easy to work with databases without writing any SQL
  • Use Django forms to collect and process data while learning how to use the inbuilt validators (and create custom validators)

Django is the most widely used web application development framework in the industry today. Django makes it super-easy to create production-ready web applications. You will start this course by learning what Django is, and you’ll get to know the different features that are a part of every Django application. You will be working (hands-on) with one feature at a time. You will then create a web application using all the knowledge you’ve gained.

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