Design for Developers, Video Edition

Design for Developers, Video Edition

Design for Developers, Video Edition

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Solve common application design and usability issues with flair! These essential design and UX techniques will help you create good user experiences, iterate smoothly on frontend features, and collaborate effectively with designer colleagues.

In Design for Developers, Video Edition you will learn how to:

  • Use color, typography, and layout to create hierarchy on a web page
  • Apply color palettes consistently in a user interface
  • Choose the correct typefaces and fonts
  • Conduct user research to validate design decisions
  • Quickly plan a website’s layout and structure

In Design for Developers, Video Edition, author Stephanie Stimac shares the unique insights she’s learned as a designer on the Microsoft Developer Experiences team. This one-of-a-kind video course provides a developer-centric approach to the essential design fundamentals of modern web applications. You’ll learn how to craft a polished visual design with just color, space, and typeface, and put all your new skills into practice to design a website from scratch.

Developer-made design decisions can have a real impact on a site’s user experience. Learn to speak design’s language, and you’ll be able to confidently contribute to a design process, collaborate with designer colleagues, and make more informed decisions about how you build your apps.

Design for Developers, Video Edition reveals essential design and UX principles every web developer needs to know. You’ll love the tutorial’s developer-centric approach, which demonstrates new ideas with examples from popular sites and user interfaces. Discover insightful techniques for user research, and learn to use color, typography, and layout to create communicative web visuals. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know it’s true: having good design sense will make you a better web developer!

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