Complete Bash Shell Scripting [Video]

Complete Bash Shell Scripting

Complete Bash Shell Scripting [Video]

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Complete Bash Shell Scripting [Video]: Automate repetitive tasks with Bash Shell Scripting to save valuable time

This course is designed to help you automate repetitive tasks and master Bash Shell Scripting easily.

  • Discover how to create and use variables
  • Explore testing and decision making
  • Understand how to write shell scripts from basic to advanced level
  • Find out what the shebang line is and why every shell script needs one

With most organizations adopting the open source Linux and Unix operating systems, there is an ever-increasing demand for developers with Linux and Unix skills. This course covers command-line commands and Bash Shell Scripting extensively to help you become a Linux\Unix OS expert.

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  1. Sandip Nath says:

    After downloading the first part, second part is guaranteed to have an error and don’t get downloaded. This happens in all the videos.

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