Coding for Beginners: You can Learn to Code! [Video]

Coding for Beginners: You can Learn to Code!

Coding for Beginners: You can Learn to Code! [Video]

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Coding for Beginners: You can Learn to Code! [Video]: Experiment confidently and have fun with coding

Coding for Beginners is the most beginner-friendly eLearning course for anyone looking to start coding! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even seen a line of computer code before – if you’re interested or just wondering if you can learn to code, this is the course for you!

  • Understand that if you can read and write, you can code
  • Grasp the basics of computer programming and how code works
  • Study the foundation-level concepts that are common to most programming languages before you go on to learn a specific syntax
  • Get ready to learn any programming language, such as Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C#, or Go
  • Open up a whole new world of digital creativity

This coding guide is designed as a generic, foundation-level course to help you grasp the common coding concepts that you’ll apply in any programming language you choose to learn. You’ll get a real head start before you advance to mastering a dedicated language and its syntax.


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