Cloud Essentials (Video Course)

Cloud Essentials (Video Course)

Cloud Essentials (Video Course)

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Cloud Essentials (Video Course): Get started on Cloud services – architecture and infrastructure!

Cloud Essentials (Video Course) is the one course you need to get started on Cloud services. It is a full comprehensive guide to learning basic cloud operations fundamentals and an introduction to the basics of the Cloud. Cloud services are some of the most popular subjects for technology professionals, and this video will provide you with a foundational understanding of different cloud offerings and implementation patterns.

Topics include:

  • Cloud Definitions: Defines the Cloud and explains the advantages of using cloud models for technology infrastructure. The module also discusses different cloud models and why each can be used to meet requirements.
  • Cloud Economics and Workload Design: Shows how economics and workload design function in the cloud. Both topics are important and differ greatly from the same types of actions performed in an on-premises data center.
  • Cloud Security: Security is important in any infrastructure, and while there are some familiar security patterns, the Cloud offers new services and features to meet those requirements.
  • Cloud Resources: Covers different deploying resource types, including compute, network, storage, and database.
  • Cloud Operations and Optimization: Operations are initiated by monitoring and alerts, and even the configuration of monitoring can be very different than on-premises data centers.
  • Cloud Business Continuity: Discusses business continuity implementation patterns in the Cloud.

Jump into the basics of cloud ecosystems and the language used to describe the various services and features. In this course, you learn the different aspects of applications workloads, which include solution design and resource deployment. You also gain an understanding of how to perform operations on cloud resources, including patching and gradual optimization to meet performance requirements. At the end of the course, dive into business continuity, specifically in backups and disaster recovery.

Learn How To:

  • Understand the basics of cloud terminology, including Cloud Economics and Cloud Architecture Design Principles
  • Understand Cloud Value Proposition and Cloud Business Value
  • Understand the importance of Cloud Security
  • Understand different cloud deployment patterns
  • Solve customer-needed requirements with the deployment or operation of a core infrastructure service
  • Deploy and automate secure cloud environments
  • Support the high availability of business systems and data
  • Choose appropriate cloud infrastructure models based on technical requirements

The Cloud Essentials (Video Course) is divided into 12 lessons categorized under 6 modules. The modules are Cloud Definitions, Cloud Economics and Workload Design, Cloud Security, Cloud Resources, Cloud Operations and Optimization, and Cloud Business Continuity.

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