Beyond the Java Language [Video]

Beyond the Java Language

Beyond the Java Language [Video]

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Beyond the Java Language [Video]: Hone your skills in Java application development and secure your position in the job market

This course will take you step-by-step through the most popular tools used with the Java language – all with practical use cases. In order to introduce you to the broader aspects of what you need to know as a project team member. After years of application development experience and scores of interviews, our author has compiled the perfect guide to becoming a Java developer.

You’ll gain hands-on experience of working with Spring and Spring Boot, SQL/MySQL, Hibernate, JUnit, and the other tools that are part of the Java Stack and are essential in a production environment.

Apart from learning how and when to use each of the tools, you will also scale-up your knowledge of Java by learning some lesser-known tips and tricks that will set you above the rest.

  • Become more productive by using tools such as Maven and Spring Boot
  • Master test-driven programming using JUnit tests
  • Install and run the open-source MySQL database and learn how to store and retrieve data with ease
  • Communicate with the database effectively using the command line and then MySQL Workbench
  • Simplify building a complete Java project that contains dependencies
  • Build and deploy a web-based application to an application server

By the end of the course, you’ll be fully prepared to take on your next big project.


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