An Introduction to TypeScript [Video]

An Introduction to TypeScript

An Introduction to TypeScript [Video]

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An Introduction to TypeScript [Video]: Master TypeScript basics

TypeScript, often labeled as a superset of JavaScript, is a language that has gained momentum recently. Based on the above, common explanation, you might think that TypeScript is an easy language to learn; however it comes with quite a lot of features that a developer must become familiar with first in order to be able to successfully create applications using TypeScript.

TypeScript is a language that has become increasingly popular with the growth of frameworks such as Angular 2+ (and there are more and more frontend frameworks that implement TypeScript or provide you with TypeScript-specific implementations).

  • Understand the basic concepts behind TypeScript
  • Create applications using TypeScript
  • Understand other frameworks that use TypeScript a whole lot better (for example Angular)

This course intends to lay down a foundation on which you can start to write TypeScript code. It is very important to understand these fundamentals; otherwise, looking at code written in Angular 2+ and TypeScript is going to be very confusing.


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