AI-Powered Commerce

AI-Powered Commerce

eBook Details:

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: WOW! eBook (January 28, 2022)
  • Language:¬†English
  • ISBN-10: 180324898X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1803248981

eBook Description:

AI-Powered Commerce: Learn how to use artificial intelligence for product and service innovation, including the diverse use cases of Commerce.AI

Commerce.AI is a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, trained on over a trillion data points, to help businesses build next-gen products and services. If you want to be the best business on the block, using AI is a must.

Developers and analysts working with AI will be able to put their knowledge to work with this AI-Powered Commerce practical guide. You’ll begin by learning the core themes of new product and service innovation, including how to identify market opportunities, come up with ideas, and predict trends. With plenty of use cases as reference, you’ll learn how to apply AI for innovation, both programmatically and with Commerce.AI. You’ll also find out how to analyze product and service data with tools such as GPT-J, Python pandas, Prophet, and TextBlob. As you progress, you’ll explore the evolution of commerce in AI, including how top businesses today are using AI. You’ll learn how Commerce.AI merges machine learning, product expertise, and big data to help businesses make more accurate decisions. Finally, you’ll use the Commerce.AI suite for product ideation and analyzing market trends.

  • Find out how machine learning can help you identify new market opportunities
  • Understand how to use consumer data to create new products and services
  • Use state-of-the-art AI frameworks and tools for data analysis
  • Launch, track, and improve products and services with AI
  • Rise above the competition with unparalleled insights from AI
  • Turn customer touchpoints into business wins
  • Generate high-conversion product and service copy

By the end of this AI-Powered Commerce artificial intelligence book, you’ll be able to strategize new product opportunities by using AI, and also have an understanding of how to use Commerce.AI for product ideation, trend analysis, and predictions.

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