Advanced ESP32 [Video]

Advanced ESP32

Advanced ESP32 [Video]

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Advanced ESP32 [Video]: Implement OTA programming, FreeRTOS and deep sleep in the ESP32

This course will provide you deeper insights into the features of the ESP32 board, that you didn’t even imagine. You will be able to make your products or projects user-friendly by implementing OTA Programming and WiFi Manager. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of RTOS and its applications. Understand FreeRTOS and be able to implement it to optimize your projects or products.

  • Integrate WiFi Manager to your projects to make WiFi Configuration much easier
  • Understand FreeRTOS in-depth and be able to implement it to optimize your projects
  • Reduce the power consumption of the ESP32 by using deep sleep
  • Learn basic ULP coprocessor programming for deep sleep

Finally, you will learn to drastically reduce the power consumption of the ESP32 board, by implementing deep sleep and leveraging the ULP Coprocessor of the ESP32 in your products or projects.

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