50 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong in C# and .NET Core [Video]

50 Things You've Been Doing Wrong in C# and .NET Core

50 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong in C# and .NET Core [Video]

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50 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong in C# and .NET Core [Video]: Avoid common C# mistakes to improve your apps’ productivity

Professional software development involves many different skills. As a C# developer, you must be skilled in the C# language and the .NET Core runtime. With this course, you’ll take your C# and .NET Core skills to the next level by avoiding common mistakes when coding, using design patterns, developing microservices, persisting your data, securing your application, and even debugging problems.

Learning the basics of a language or platform can easily be done by following a course/book and with some hands-on practice. The path to becoming a software developer encounters many edge cases. During this course, you’ll learn from my hard-earned experience, garnered from real-life situations, regarding the C# language and .NET platform. You can take this course as a vaccination against future coding infections!

By the time you finish this course, you will have developed your skills to “sniff out” coding issues effectively and avoid mistakes. Whatever your issues, the aim of this course is to take you to the ‘Bring it on!’ point when it comes to solving your .NET and C# problems.

Please note that this course assumes familiarity with C#, .NET Core, and ASP.NET Core, together with Visual Studio (2017 or 2019).


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