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Hands-On Reactive Programming with Clojure – Second Edition 0

Hands-On Reactive Programming with Clojure – Second Edition

eBook Details: Paperback: 298 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (January 25, 2019) Language: English ISBN-10: 1789346134 ISBN-13: 978-1789346138 eBook Description: Hands-On Reactive Programming with Clojure, 2nd Edition: Learn how to use RxClojure to deal with stateful computations Reactive Programming is central to many concurrent systems, and can help make the process of developing highly concurrent, event-driven, and asynchronous applications simpler and less error-prone. This book will allow you to explore Reactive Programming in Clojure 1.9 and help you get to grips with some of its...

The Clojure Workshop 1

The Clojure Workshop

eBook Details: Paperback: 800 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (January 29, 2020) Language: English ISBN-10: 1838825487 ISBN-13: 978-1838825485 eBook Description: The Clojure Workshop: Cut through the noise and get real results with a step-by-step approach to learning Clojure programming You already know you want to learn Clojure, and a smarter way to learn Clojure is to learn by doing. The Clojure Workshop focuses on building up your practical skills so that you can write clean, expressive code with a language that is great for applications...

Microservices with Clojure 0

Microservices with Clojure

eBook Details: Paperback: 336 pages Publisher: WOW! eBook (January 25, 2018) Language: English ISBN-10: 1788622243 ISBN-13: 978-1788622240 eBook Description: Microservices with Clojure: The common patterns and practices of the microservice architecture and their application using the Clojure programming language